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How We Work?

Typically, we are the first large financial institution to invest. Along with private investors or business angels and other preliminary investors, we often make investments prior to product/market fit

Early-stage investor, strategic guidance, optional board membership.

 We’re here to help you succeed after we’ve made an investment by pointing out strategic opportunities, sharing lessons learned from our portfolio companies, and clarifying the steps necessary to reach an exit. Although we want regular updates on the status of your company, membership on your Board of Directors is not required.

Investing in the right aspiring business!

We seek out exceptional, dedicated, and enthusiastic squads utilising cutting-edge technology to tackle real-world business challenges that are palpable in today’s landscape. As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to put the customer at the forefront of your mind. Your product or technology may be impressive, but it’s the customer who truly drives your actions. Let’s envision a scenario where your business and its founders can achieve a lucrative early-stage exit, yielding a whopping 10x return.

For Our Investor

Aspire Capital Management seeks out promising tech startups in the any location around the globe that fit a specific mould (check out the criteria outlined on our website)

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We are the guardian angels of institutional investing, employing a tried-and-true investment strategy that has been perfected by the pros. Our investment strategy involves funding startups with a range of seed funds of 50000 € to 5M € across multiple rounds

Our model is rooted in statistical probabilities that are grounded in real-world evidence. Surprisingly, more than 17% of tech exits occur among companies that have never raised an A round. The probable escape route involves a trade sale acquisition in the initial stages, which seldom generates attention-grabbing news. Generating substantial profits doesn’t require divine intervention

Looking to get in on the ground floor of some exciting new startups in the cutting technologies or niche interdisciplinary area, but don’t have the time or resources to build a diverse portfolio on your own? Our Fund could be just the investment opportunity you’ve been searching for

Our investors come from all walks of life, from the bigwigs of institutions like pension funds to the high rollers of high net-worth individuals. Our investor pool boasts a plethora of entrepreneurial minds who have personally embarked on the startup journey

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