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What We Do?

Aspire Capital Management comprises a group of seasoned investors who have strong entrepreneurial streaks. We’ve successfully opened up doors to global buyers through our own business endeavours

Experienced, collaborative, supportive.

 With our help, you can turn your company into a valuable asset that investors will fight over. We have the acumen and experience to understand what goes on on both sides. We believe in honesty, transparency, and treating entrepreneurs with the utmost dignity and fairness. Our journey is backed by a league of extraordinary Limited Partners, including Stockholm’s most accomplished serial entrepreneurs, esteemed financial institutions, and prominent family-owned businesses.

As a unified force, we collaborate to propel our organisations towards expansion into fresh territories and embrace world-class methodologies. We’re in it for the long haul with our entrepreneurial partners, supporting them through the ups and downs of their journey towards success.

The following are the kind of businesses in which we choose to invest

Your capital efficiency is high
You prioritize the business first and then your product
You are currently (or shortly) in the market
You have a team of professional and proficient people with the right skills to implement your business plan
A realistic possibility is an early-stage Exit
Your company's value is based on how well you're doing, and it's managed by the people who do the daily work
You are based in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa & South America